Candle Vase

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Designed by Ezequiel Farca (Mexico, 2008). Available in three sizes, these pieces won the Good Design Award and were nominated to the Designpreis (Germany). On sale individually, mold-blown pieces with cold-work finish. Hand wash only.

V2A Upper: W 11.5cm, H 36cm, 2.1kg
V2A Lower: W 11.5cm, H 33cm, 2.1kg
V2B Lower: W 11.5cm, H 25.5cm, 1.9kg
V2B Upper: W 11.5cm, H 28.5cm, 1.9kg
V2C Lower: W 11.5cm, H 18cm, 1.6kg
V2C Upper: W 11.5cm, H 21cm, 1.6kg

L=Length, W=Width, H=Height

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