Acoustic Wall at Design Museum of Chicago

Acoustic Wall at Design Museum of Chicago

This light and acoustic, wall-mount system was designed for architectural spaces that require a better sound performance. The modular system can be configured in size, acoustic performance and lighting capabilities to match architectural and interior design projects of different scales and formal styles.

The design was developed by design award-winner industrial designer Emiliano Godoy and MTV Music Award-winner audio engineer Hans Mues—both also musicians—for high-end glass manufacturer Nouvel, in collaboration with Starco, a Mexican lighting brand, and Tuux, who was in charge of product development and assembly.

The project is shown for the first time at the exhibition All Together Now, at the Design Museum of Chicago.

The system combines stripes of solid glass sound-diffusers, with bands of upholstered foam which work for sound absorption. Depending on the needs for each space, the shape of the glass diffuser may be changed, as well as the width, depth and density of the foam elements.

The light color and intensity may be adjusted as well through a Bluetooth control which may be connected to the building’s lighting system, or even configured to respond to environmental sounds. The project aims at manipulating spaces through sound, light and design, creating a wall of light and sound, a name that references a common expression amongst engineers that describe a great, imposing mix as a “wall of sound”.


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