Isla by Julie Richoz

Isla by Julie Richoz

The Isla vase is the result of the collaboration between Nouvel and Julie Richoz, a collection of blown glass vases that celebrates the manual skills of the blowers and the incredible chromatic richness of this material.

Julie Richoz is a product designer committed to exploring ancient, including extra-European, crafts and integrating them into contemporary object design. 

Now, she is a professor at ECAL, Lausanne, where she obtained her bachelor’s in industrial design in 2012. 

In 2015, as well as in 2019, she won the Swiss Design Award in the Products and Objects category. For the 2019 award, the Isla vase was among the products she participated with. 

As a result of a year of research in the workshops, the Isla vase developed in two sizes, comes in a multitude of color arrangements, as well as many proposals marked by the colorful Mexican atmosphere. 



Glass has this particular ability to capture light and transmit colors, from the most aquatic to the deepest. The different shades of glass come together, overlap, match or detonate, they can vibrate with each other. It is an infinite range that is given to see, a variation of possibilities more than an authoritarian choice. The drawn typology is simple: an oval vase decorated with a round. It is within the framework of this fixed geometry, in the idea of reaching a perfect circle but impossible to achieve, which expresses the delicacy of the project and makes each piece unique.

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