Art Installation by Tania Candiani

Art Installation by Tania Candiani

As part of the first model of art residencies and exhibition Intersecciones, convened by Yunque Art Factory  in 2021, sculpture and auditive composition flesh out to Tania Candiani’s multimedia installation called “El Sonido del Fuego” (The Sound of Fire). Concurrently in a room, the correspondence reveals its production process on “El Color del Fuego” (The Color of Fire). In conjunction, both pieces integrate an encounter of creation between artwork, artists and art industry.


The Sound of Fire
Art Installation


The Sound of Fire
Tania Candiani
Installation of 10 blown glass trumpets, horns and 5-channel sound piece


Glass trumpets variable dimensions, metal bases and reflectors
5-channel sound piece


Duration                       17:27 minutes

Sculpture Production     Nouvel, Yunque Art Factory

Sound composition       Rogelio Sosa
and Mastering


In The Sound of Fire, Candiani shows her interest in interdisciplinary collaborations and in addressing various fields of production, artisanal and industrial.

This piece combines some of the constant concerns in her work, such as the use of technology, the recording of labor processes, the choreography of labor, and the materiality of sound, in this case that of fire in collusion with minerals.

Ten colored blown glass trumpets, produced at Nouvel emit the sound of the moment of their creation, when they went from mineral to glass thanks to the work of fire and air, the five-channel sound composition of Rogelio Sosa floods the room with the voices of the fire, where the reflections created by the light are projected through the trumpets.


The Color of Fire


The Color of Fire
Tania Candiani
HD video stereo sound

Duration           09:22 minutes
Camera            Katri Walker
Editing             Ollín Miranda


The installation is completed by the video The Color of Fire that portraits details of the process in the kiln, the hands precision, the liquidity of the material, the glass being blown, the light reflections, the vibration of the heat, the mouth of the furnace, and the perpetual roar of the fire.


“A sensory evocation; that’s the universe.

Matter is an analogy about everything. In its phenomena, and

in understanding its limits, it also hides this fearful

symbiotic relationship between the part and its whole.

Because things are not without their materiality; they drag its to all

the versions of themselves, in the futile attempt to not-be, or to be-more.

This is how the truth is invented: in the exercise of transformation.”


Luis Ramaggio


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