Architecture Glass Collection

Architecture Glass Collection

Photo by Fernando Etulain


Nouvel ventures into architectural projects with a collection of iconic pieces that pay homage to both great Mexican architects and emerging young talents. Through a wide range of interpretations, the authors of these pieces use the transparency of glass and its relationship with light to propose construction elements that participate in a dialogue between architecture and art.


FE Block

FE Block is a modular interlocking glass brick that can be used for architectural or decorative purposes. The innovative interlocking creates smooth curves seamlessly and allows freestanding and completely self-supporting construction without the need for mortar, armature, or fasteners of any kind. The resulting assembled constructions are monumentalscale celebrations of uninterrupted form and light.




PRV Block

A never-produced glass block designed by iconic modernist Mexican architect Pedro Ramírez Vázquez brought to life by Nouvel. The geometric triangular pattern translates the architect’s definitive sensibility—a combination of pre-Columbian motifs with modern aesthetics, to the beauty and strength of glass.

Pedro Ramírez Vázquez is known as the architect of some of Mexico’s most iconic buildings. Among them: the Anthropology Museum, the Aztec Stadium, the Basilica of Guadalupe, and the Museo Amparo.




JH Block

Jan Hendrix, who has been collaborating with Nouvel on several projects since 2016, designed a crystaline mosaic glass tile incorporating abstracted botanical forms inspired by the artist’s long-standing research into plants and natural history.

This modular glass construction element, developed for interior architecture and room dividers, offers great transparency and natural lighting qualities.




SC Block

Designed by Andrés Mier y Terán, SC Block is inpired by Aztec culture. These transparent architectural elements maximize the optical effect of the traditional pattern allowing the passage of light.

Developed for lightweight architectural structures, it functions both as a modular glass element for floors and as a constructive element for interior room dividers.




Macareo Block

Designed by Emiliano Godoy, Macareo is inspired by an oceanic phenomenon. This shock wave generates a beautiful refraction in the glass and in the environment.

The sharp jagged geometric shapes seem to move in waves that open a window to another dimension, creating an organic movement in the viewer’s eye, while the hard, angular elements are laid in symmetrical patterns, distorting the concept of depth and height.